Constitution of Sefton Sports Council


The name of the Council shall be the Sefton Sports Council (hereinafter called the Council).


  1. The objective of the Council shall be the advancement of sport in Sefton.
  2. By examining the needs for improving present facilities and the provision of new ones.
  3. By advising the Local Authority generally on the collective opinions of local sports interests.
  4. By disseminating information, especially to newcomers to the area, concerning available sports facilities and by maintaining an up-to-date record of all sporting organisations.
  5. By advising upon, and helping with, the  organisation of personal needs in sport, if requested.
  6. By encouraging participation in sport amongst all sections of the community, collaborating with the Local Authority where appropriate, with regard to participation by school leavers and young people.
  7. By receiving and considering (and taking such action as the Council deems necessary thereon) reports and recommendations from any organisation on all matters concerning the interests of sport.


All sporting organisations actively operating within the Sefton area may apply for affiliation to the Council subject to the organisation agreeing to abide by any regulations which may be made by the Council as to membership and subject also to the Council retaining the right to reject any application for affiliation if, in the opinion of the Council there are reasonable ground for doing so.


Membership of the Council shall consist of:

  1. The officers of the Council
  2. Elected Member(s) of the Local Authority
  3. Honorary Associate Members who have strongly supported the Council in the past
  4. One representative of each affiliated organisation
  5. Such other persons, not exceeding a total of three, as may be co-opted for membership by the

Council on such terms as the Council may decide from time to time


Membership of the Executive Committee shall consist of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and not more than five others, drawn from the Council provided that such membership shall not comprise more than one representative from any sport represented on the Council. In addition the Local Authority shall be entitled to appoint two representatives, neither of whom shall hold the office of Chairman or Vice-Chairman.

The business of the Council shall be carried out by the Executive Committee which shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill by co-option any vacancy which may occur in its body during the year and shall have the power to co-opt in an advisory capacity any person whom they think fit.


The Council and the Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint Sub-Committees as they think fit, and may delegate to such Sub-Committees such powers as they from time to time think desirable.


The officers of the Council, who shall serve in an honorary capacity, shall be the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Auditor, and such other officers as the Council may from time to time appoint. All Officers will be elected or re-elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of the Council. When elected all Officers shall relinquish their representative duties for their particular organisation on the Council, new representatives being nominated by the organisation in their place.


There shall be an Annual General Meeting to be held in the month of May.

The Council shall meet at such other times as they think fit or on the direction of the Chairman, except that not less than five members of the Council may give fourteen days notice to the Honorary  Secretary in writing requesting him/her to convene a meeting of the Council for the purpose of discussing the matter or matters referred to in the Notice, and the Honorary Secretary shall forthwith call such a meeting of the Council.


At least 14 clear days notice shall be given in writing with an Agenda, in the case of a General Meeting, Executive Meetings or an Annual General Meeting.


All questions in Council or Executive Committee shall be determined by a show of hands by a majority of the Members present and voting.

The person presiding at a meeting of the Council or Executive Committee shall have a second or casting vote.


A copy shall be sent to all affiliated organisations and the Local Authority Representatives.


Fifteen members of the Council or five of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.


The Council’s Financial Year shall run from the 1st April to the 31st March.

All affiliated organisations shall be required to pay such membership fees as decided at the Annual General Meeting. Fees are payable on demand.

For the furtherance of the objectives of the Council, the Executive Committee may authorise expenditure out of the Council’s funds.

The Treasurer shall keep proper books of accounts and shall advise and report to the Council on all financial matters and shall report to the Annual General Meeting an audited statement of accounts.


The Executive Committee shall be empowered to take such action as the Committee may consider desirable in any circumstances not covered by this constitution, such action to be reported to the next meeting of the Council for ratification, or if the Chairman of the Council considers it necessary so to do, to a specially convened meeting of the Council.


Nominations for the position of Honorary Associate Member shall be considered by the Executive Committee and  presented to the membership at the Annual General Meeting.  Approval of the nominations will be by a show of hands by those members present and eligible to vote.


These may only be made at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting by a two-thirds majority of those present and eligible to vote.

Notice of any proposed alteration shall be submitted in writing to reach the Honorary Secretary not less than four weeks before the date of the Annual or Extraordinary Meeting called for that purpose.


A motion to dissolve Sefton Sports Council may only be made at  an Extraordinary Meeting or Annual General Meeting.

To affect dissolution at least three quarters of those present and eligible to vote and voting at the meeting shall vote in favour of the dissolution.

If a motion to dissolve Sefton Sports Council is carried by the said majority the Sports Council surplus funds, property and assets (if any) shall be disposed of by distribution to any  Community Amateur Sports Clubs or Charitable Sporting Organisation sharing the same aims and objectives as Sefton Sports Council.