The Neil Edwards Bursary Scheme

The Bursary Scheme is an opportunity for grassroots sports participants to apply for financial support from the Sefton Sports Council. Following the deeply upsetting passing of our long-term Chairman and one of our
Founder Members, the scheme was renamed as an ongoing memorial to the work and efforts of Neil.

The aims of the Bursary Scheme

  • To encourage people to progress in a sport in which they have already developed a competence.
  • To support those already in sport who are unable to access funding.
  • To increase skill and creativity by developing talent and raising standards in sport.

To obtain a grant from the Bursary Scheme you will need to show how you will meet at least one of the above aims.

How we can help you

We can provide financial support to allow you to develop your sporting skills and talents. We can provide a grant of £25 – £100 to fund or part fund a project or activity.

What we can fund

  • Coaching courses provided by your national Governing Body or other relevant courses.
  • First Aid courses for competitors and officials.
  • Specialist equipment that is needed to develop your skills or allow you to compete at a higher level.
  • Travel and subsistence to a major competition.
  • Physiotherapy treatment.
  • Out of pocket training expenses.
  • Specialist training or coaching.

We will not fund

  • Retrospective applications
  • Requests from schools or colleges.
  • Elite athletes who have access to other funding.
  • Organisations which aim to distribute a profit.
  • Statutory bodies.
  • Club applications.

You need to be

  • A member of a club affiliated to Sefton Sports Council.
  • Supported by your club with an official of your club i.e. club secretary, coach or recognised official acting as a mentor/referee.

You can apply at any time

  • The panel will several times a year.
  • You will be told if you have been successful or not within one calendar month of the panel’s decision.

How to apply

Once you have read through the information and guidance notes and are satisfied you meet the criteria for the Bursary Scheme you need to complete the application form.

You will then need to get your application form countersigned by a referee. This person must be someone from your club, preferably a club official or your coach/trainer.

Please take your time to read through the information carefully.

Should you require further information please contact us at here by email.

What happens next

Your application will be assessed by the Sefton Sports Council Bursary Awards Panel who will look to see:

  1. If your club is affiliated to Sefton Sports Council
  2. If your application meets at least one of the aims of the Bursary Scheme
  3. If you are eligible for alternative awards such as SportAid
  4. Whether your application shows there will be a development of performance or skills
  5. That the budget for your application is realistic and that the grant will be used effectively
  6. When your application is processed the Bursary Panel may contact you or your referee for more information about your application.
  • We will write to you to let you know if your application has been successful.

If your application is successful we will advise you how much your grant is and when it will be paid.

You will have to keep to the Guidance Notes conditions and the grant can only be used for the purposes detailed in your application.

You must spend the grant within one year of the date of the awards letter.

You must agree to complete the “End of Award” report which will be supplied with your grant.

If your application is unsuccessful we will tell you the reason why, so that you will be able to amend future applications.

Guidance Notes

Applicants must be members of clubs affiliated to Sefton Sports Council.

All applications must be supported by the applicant’s club, with a recognised official, coach or club officer acting as a referee.

Bursary Awards will only be given to individuals who meet the criteria of the scheme.

Bursary Awards will be considered for individuals at grassroots level where the applicant has not been able to obtain a grant from alternative funding agencies.

Applicants can apply to any of the three meetings of the panel held each year in April, July and November.

Bursary Awards may only be used for the purposes for which they were intended. If for any reason there is a need to vary the way in which the Award is to be spent, written permission must be obtained before it is spent.

All applicants should have attained a certain level of competence in their sport. It is not envisaged that the scheme would be used to fund complete beginners with items of clothing, equipment etc.

Bursary awards will be in the range of £25 – £100.

Bursary awards may be used to part fund projects. Information will have to be supplied as to where additional funding will be obtained.

You must complete an Award report to indicate how the money was used and must be submitted to Sefton Sports Council along with any receipts obtained.

You will be notified in writing of the outcome of your application, within one calendar month of the panel’s decision.

Sefton Sports Council assistance should be acknowledged on any publicity or promotional material that may be generated.

The decision of the panel is final!

Application Forms

Application forms can be obtained by contacting Sefton Sports Council